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Biomass Production

Type wood briquette production plant in Long Thanh, Dong Nai 24 sets of full automatic hydraulic briquetting machines are installed at the material feeding plastic chain conveyor system. All production machines are running automatically by centeral PLC system Law material is feed by belt conveyor after separated by multi-layers screen vibrator. Briquette size : L*W*H 60*150*85 MM Height can be adjustable...

Type Briquette

PREMIUM QUALITY - HIGH HEAT VALUE - LONG BURNING TIME - EXPORT PRODUCT " V" Briquettes is exported to European countries especially to Denmark, Norway, Germany & Ireland. - Max Heat Value : 4,700 Kcal/Kg - Raw Material : Mixture of 100% natural sawdust from Rubber wood, Pine tree, Cashew nut tree - No Glue & No chemical addihesive - Burning long time than other briquettes - Standard packing...


Wood biomass is exhaustible energy but renewable natural resources today is almost used for heating house and for industrial fuel. Significant advantage of its using are CO2 neutrality Low level of pollution Raw material from wood waste

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Bio Energy Plant in Long Thanh

Wood Briquettes Plant at Long Thanh Wood Pellet Plant at Vinh Cuu

  • VIET PHAT Bio Energy Corp is pioneer of type wood briquettes in Vietnam.

Right now we are the biggest manufacturer of type briquettes in the World.

  • VIET PHAT Bio Energy Corp started production of wood pellet from July 2014.

All automated production line with 5 ring die pelleting machines can produce 10tons per hour.

  • Our mother company, VP-TECH, is the manufacturer of the biomass production machine and equipment.

All production machines are manufactured at our mechanical factory at Phuoc Tan factory in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai

WOOD BRIQUETTE Production Plant in Long Thanh, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Our production plant is located at Long Thanh, Dong Nai Province in Vietnam.

Specialized in producing biomass fuel( type wood briquettes)

Premium Quality - Competitive Price - On Time Delivery

- 96 packs standard pallet , Ready to export to EU market

- Biggest Manufacturer of type briquettes in ASIA

Right now, we are the biggest manufacturer of type briquettes in the world with totally 24 briquetting machines for EU standard size. Our premium briquettes for heating house are exported to Denmark, Norway, Ireland & Korea

  • We supply our rectangular shaped briquettes to local Vietnam market with 6 special briquetting machines , especially for industrial boiler. Our briquettes are made by 100% natural wood, pressed by hydraulic system with the ultra high pressure. In the process of pressing, we don't use any glue & chemical adhesive.
  • It's eco-friendly fuel with very low emission of CO2.
  • Our related company, VP-TECH, is specialized in engineering hydraulic system, we make all of our briquette production system by our own hydraulic system workshop in Bien Hoa city.

Unique production system designed by VP-TECH, 6 briquetting machines are installed with the main

hopper, raw material distributed automatically to each briquetting machine.

  • Premium Quality for Export to northern Europe.
  • Mass Production System
  • High heat value, Better Quality from Eastern Europes
  • High bulk density, 960~1,000 Kg / M3

Main Export Market : Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, England, Japan and etc

Wood Briquettes For Industrial : Vietnam, Korea

Professional machine maker of hydraulic machines. All machine parts are made by VP-TECH

- Best performance at the tropical weather

- Running 22 hours per day

- Energy Saving Hydraulic System

- Low Maintenance Cost

- Competitive Machine Price


Wood pellet plant at VINH CUU Industrial Park in Bien Hoa City

Total land area is 40,000 SQM , Factory building area : 9,000 SQM

Automated hammer mill line for feeding raw material to wood pellet mill

We will increase our production capacity up to 10,000 tons/month

Our mother company, VP-TECH, can install the turn-key base project to produce wood pellet.

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